Getting Started

Follow these Steps to get up and running on the first phase of the implementation. Every subscription level will require these steps.

This phase will provide customer management, jobs, employees, time tracking and payroll preparation. Additionally, you will become familiar with the basic operation and navigation of the software. 

IT & Installation First

#1 – Installation Setup *

The server or “serving computer” will need to be configured to support the Tractivity database and software.  This includes Windows roles, SQL Express installation, IIS webservice, firewall, port forwarding and DNS service.  Tractivity offers Installation Set Up SKU:SB0001 available on the Tractivity website. Or, if you have the technical knowledge or you have an IT service that can do this for you. 

Configure to 'Fit'

#2 – Setup Wizard *

Configure the TracManager system to ‘fit’ your business requirements. 

Manual entry for items not imported

#3 – Complete Any Remaining Data Entry *

Employees: Click here for a video on how to enter employees using TracManager

Click here for a video on how to enter customers and jobs

Click here for a video on how to assign activities and jobs to work group help lists


Create as many user profiles as desired

#4 -TracManager Users *

Let’s set up TracManager users. TracManager is the management software not to be confused with the data capture software for reporting time.

Each TracManager user will be assigned a login name and password.

Users may access various functions according to the specific access rights assigned to the user.

Tractivity Data Capture Choices

#5 -Set up Data Capture *

Employees will use a data capture method to report the jobs and activities they work on throughout the work period. This is a good time to see that the pcTrac and touchTrac computers are installed and connected to the Tractivity database.

Train, exercise and verify correct use

#6 – Operate the System – Capture Time Data *

This is the time we begin to operate the Tractivity system.

Click here for video instruction for pcTrac and touchTrac operation

We begin using test and dummy data. operate the data capture methods, submit time, review and approve timesheets. Then once you are familiar with how things work, begin to roll out to employees. Train them and give them a few days to become familiar with the new method. Run the old way and new way together.

Tractivity Timesheet

#7 Review, Edit and Approve Timesheets *

To open the Timesheet Center, open the Timesheets folder located in the Time & Payroll TAB menu tree. Then click on the Timesheet Center menu item. 

Click here for video instructions on opening, reviewing, editing and approving timesheets.

Verify that your rules are properly set. Check that employees have appropriate jobs and activities that match their needs. Make corrections before going live.