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Getting Started with Cost Analysis


Cost Analysis *

Reports and views provide a variety of methods for analyzing costs.

Let’s begin with the Report Center

Report Center *

Launch the Report Center from the Report Center menu item

Report Center *

Costs analysis has several multiple report types available including:

  • Labor Cost
  • Labor & Material
  • Budget Variance
  • Labor Activity Distribution
  • Material Useage

How To Use The Report Center *

Step #1 – Choose The Type Of Report Desired

Job Cost Labor – provides cost reports with only labor included. If TracManager is being used to manage materials then you should use the Labor and Material Cost type.

By Billing Rate – provides reports that are designed to calculate a billable amount based upon the hours worked at various billing rates. Although this is not a “cost” report, it utilizes the same data to calculate the billing amounts.

Labor & Material Cost – provides full NET profit reports including fully burdened labor, workers’ compensation cost, material cost and overhead.

Budget Variance – provides side-by-side comparison of labor and material budget vs. actual cost.

Step #2 – Set Desired Filters

Each report type will present applicable filter choices. When a filter is applied, all remaining choices are narrowed by the applied filter. The filter determines what records will be included in the report.

Step #3 – Choose A Report Template

Each report type will populate the report template selector with one or more choices. The report template determines the layout and what fields appear on the report.