How Do I Process Timesheets for QuickBooks Payroll ?

*** Tractivity strongly encourages you to make a backup of your Quickbooks Company file prior to beginning this process. ***

Reviewing Timesheets: *

The user should be familiar with editing and approving timesheets.

Prerequisites: *

1.   All pay codes/pay items should coincide between both TracManager and QuickBooks.

2.   All employees’  payroll prefixes must match in both systems (hourly/salary).

EX. TracManager Pay Type:  Hourly (Prefix)+ REG (Pay Type) = QuickBooks Payroll Item: Hourly REG

3.  Employee records should be synchronized with QuickBooks. Navigate to the Employee Center employee list and click on the QB icon beside the <Menu> button to synchronize all shared active employees.


How do I prepare Timesheets for Payroll? *

1.   Note: Pay period (QuickBooks Pay Schedule) selected must be identical in both TracManager and QuickBooks. From the Time & Payroll Module, navigate to Timesheets>Timesheet Center. Select an employee and double-click in one of the unapproved day fields. Make any changes necessary to the data  such as Time,Job or Activity, and select <Approve/Close> button.

2.   Once you return to the main Timesheet screen, the employees hours will be updated in the date field.

3.   You may also right-click in the field to access a menu which will allow you to Open, Copy, Paste, Delete, Set as Sick, Holiday, Vacation, and Excused/Unexcused Absence.

4.    The Copy option will allow you to Copy the current day field into another day and Paste. This feature may be useful for employees who fail to clock in or out.
5.    The Set As feature is useful for adding in Holidays/Excused absences, etc.

6. The time sheet review now provides an additional right-click menu choice to recover iTrac data. In the event a time sheet was not properly captured and processed the TracManager user may not attempt to recover the original data.

7. Continue repeating process until all necessary timesheet fields are updated.
8.  Be sure to Re/Approve All timesheets and correct any error for which you receive a message.

How do I send Timesheets to Quickbooks? *

1.     Navigate to Time & Payroll> Timesheets> Timesheet Center.
2.     Select Pay Period Starting and Ending Dates for timesheet to view.
3.     Select Review Period for timesheets. (weekly, monthly, biweekly, etc.,)
4.     Make sure all the changes or corrections to individual timesheets have been approved, or <Re/Approve All> using the button above the timesheet.
5.   Once you are sure all the data is correct, click on the <QB> icon button to the left of the timesheet, above the legend.
6.   A progress window will appear briefly while the timesheets are being transferred. Employees whose Emp ID number appears in green have been synched.

7.   One is the progress window disappears, timesheet data should now be visible in QuickBooks.
8.   Repeat timesheet review and send to QuickBooks for each pay period.