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Materials & Inventory Setup


Materials & Inventory Setup *

The Materials & Inventory SetUp Wizard has 6 main components: General, Tracking, Custom Fields, Custom Detail Fields, Purchasing and Kitting.

Costing methods and Purchasing preferences and permissions will be set up in this section based upon Company preferences and decisions made during Implementation.

General: *

  • From the <Administrate> menu, select <Set Up Wizard> and navigate to the Materials Folder.
  • Select Cost Method: Automatic Average, Automatic Last Cost or Manual Entry.
  • Choose whether or not to Relieve Material Allocation (from stock) on Date Needed.

Material Charge Handling is a new feature which allows optional negative settings when no material is available.

Choose preferred setting: Default option is “Do not allow material charges to a job if none on-hand or available”

Tracking: *

TracManager allows for tracking of Materials by Lot.

  • If this option is needed, select <Track by Lot>.
  • Select Lot Cost Method preference

Custom Fields: *

Reflects Custom Fields set up in Company>Custom Lists Management>Inventory Fields.

  • Add Inventory tracking or details such as “Date In”.

Custom Detail Fields: *

Allows further item detail customization

Purchasing: *

Set Purchasing preferences

  • Set Purchase Order starting number. (If synchronizing with QuickBooks, you may want to begin with a number significantly higher than your existing records in order to distinguish between those generated in Tractivity and QuickBooks)
  • Select Users to be notified by Reminder of authorization required for pending Purchase Orders(if necessary)
  • Set number of calendar days prior to expected delivery when Reminder should be sent to selected users.
  • Select Item description options
  • Select P.O. preferences (Authorization & ccount)
  • Select Business Days of operation.
  • Select Editing restrictions.
  • Select Standard (default) or Lean Purchase Method

Kitting: *

This is only used if all materials for a job are to be pulled at once and stored together for a specific Job/Phase.

  • Select Preferences