Overview of TracManager Modules

Tractivity offers six TracManager Modules:  Time & Payroll, Estimating, Manufacturing, Material & Inventory, Job Cost Analysis and W.I.P. to Ship. Each module has a tab containing related menu items.

Time & Payroll *

The Time & Payroll Module automates time tracking and processing with flexible time and business rules, a centralized customer, job, and employee information center, and quick access to HR, time & labor cost reports.

Estimating *

The Estimating Module is a fully integrated catalog based estimator ideal for highly custom products, which utilizes an easy to use drag-n-drop interface with associated features and options to create one-of-a-kind custom product estimates.

Scheduling *

The Scheduling Module automates production scheduling with integrated feedback. Work assignments are automatically created for all jobs in the company based upon when jobs are due, the hours required for each process, the order and sequence of the manufacturing flow, the availability of required equipment and employees, employee skills and qualifications, and job priorities.

Materials & Inventory *

The Materials & Inventory Module simplifies project management while reducing confusion and errors often associated with manual material management. Material requirements management with integrated purchasing, receiving, and material cost tracking are a perfect fit for inventory and job specific items.

Job Cost Analysis *

The Job Cost & Analysis Module provides the tools to analyze job costs including labor, materials, burden, and overhead. Job Cost & Analysis includes itemized job labor and material budgets, job progress tracking with percent complete and variance projection, support for job material charges, labor and material net profit reporting, and budget variance reporting.

W.I.P. to Ship *

The WIP (work in process) to Ship module allows the tracking of the physical products as they are moved from stage to stage. This module also supports component and part tracking particularly parts coming off the CNC machine. You can know where every product is in real-time. Products may be moved to new stages using a barcode scanner connected to the TracManager software or an Android device.

Understanding Navigation and Menus *

TracManager is best viewed with a screen resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.  Maximize the TracManager window to view the entire software screen.

Menu items/folders are shown on the far left side of the screen and can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the plus and minus signs.

System messages appear in the bottom left corner of the screen. These messages are not errors, but simply information to inform the user, e.g., a message will appear if someone forgot to clock out for the day. Simply read message, and delete. If the messages are not deleted they accumulate. If greater than 500 messages accumulate, no new messages will appear; be sure to delete all read messages.

There are two tabs on the work area of the screen:  Action and Help. Once a menu item is selected the Action tab will show the screens relating to the selected menu item. Click the Time & Payroll Home to close all open screens for that tab at once, or close them individually. Click on the Help tab to read the help section for the menu items selected.

Use the arrows to re-size the menu items and action area by clicking and sliding the arrows to the left or right.

Overview of TracManager User Types *

The User Name and login date/time stamp are located at the bottom of the screen along with the TracManager version and database path. Both appear in light grey text.

Users are assigned login privileges by the System Administrator. Based upon these viewing privileges some menu items and tabs throughout the software may be invisible.

Supervisors – Supervisors are able to view and approve timesheets for employees who are assigned in the Employee Record as reporting to that Supervisor. They can also view reporting information about pending timesheets for those employees.

Managers – Managers may view and approve timesheets for employees who are assigned in the Employee Record as reporting to that Manager as well as all employees assigned to Supervisors who report to that Manager. The assigned Supervisor and Manager may also be the same person.

Executives – Executives may view and approve timesheets for ALL employees without restrictions. Employees, such as HR employees processing payroll, may be assigned as an Executive User allowing them unrestricted access to all employees.

System Administrator – The System Administrator is granted unrestricted access to all areas of the software. We do not recommend using the System Administrator user login for normal daily tasks; this access should be reserved for System Administrative functions only.

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