pcTrac Testing

 Testing Data Capture (touchTrac)
If You Are Using touchTrac, Click Here
If You Are Using iTrac, Click Here

Step One:
Open pcTrac, Enter User Name And Password
(Don’t Know The User Name And Password? Click Here)
pcTrac Step 1

Step Two:
Enter In Employee Number
(Don’t Know The User Employee Number? Click Here)

pcTrac Step 2

Step Three:
Click Begin New Job
pcTrac Step 3

Step Four:
Choose The New Job We Created, Click “Enter”
pcTrac Step 4

Step Five:
Choose New Activity We Created, Click “Enter”
pcTrac Step 5

Step Six:
Click Confirm
Data Test Step 6

Step Seven:
The New Employee Is Now Clocked In To The Job And Activity
Use The Sidebar To Login To New Jobs, Lunch, Or Clock Out
Data Test Step 7

Now We Are All Set To Login To A Data Capture Device
And Find Our Jobs And Activities

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