Timesheet Center

ContentsTimesheets Overview How do I view timesheets? What does the Timesheet Legend indicate?What is the function of the ‘Get iTrac’ button?How do I edit a timesheet?How do I approve timesheets?Video Tutorial: How to Edit TimesheetsTimesheets Overview * What is a Timesheet? A timesheet is a method for recording the amount of time an employee spends … Continue reading “Timesheet Center”

Report Center

ContentsSample ReportsWhat is the purpose of the Report Center?How do I create a report?How do I choose a report type?How do I set filters?How do I choose a report template?How do I create HR/Payroll reports?How do I create Production Management reports?How do I create Cost Analysis reports?How do I create Inventory Management reports?How do I … Continue reading “Report Center”


ContentsWhat is a reminder?How do I manage Reminders?How do I create a Reminder?How do I create a customer reminder?How do I create an employee reminder?How do I create a vendor reminder?How do I create a manufacturer reminder?How do I create a purchasing or receiving reminder?Video Tutorial: How to create Customer Notes and RemindersVideo Tutorial: How to create … Continue reading “Reminders”