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Setup Wizard


TracManager Setup Wizard Overview *

The Setup Wizard allows the Administrator to lay the foundations for consistency within the TracManager program by setting company preferences, policies, and permissions. This is a general overview; the setup process is normally guided by a member of the Tractivity team.

Identify Policies & Procedures *

The TracManager Implementation Guide identifies information to considered prior to the setup process.

Existing company policies and procedures, as well as user roles would have been identified and if necessary, modified in order to maintain harmony throughout the company. Most of these are “understood” within a company, even if no written policies and procedures exist.

The Setup Wizard will guide you through the process of applying identified rules and responsibilities within the TracManager program.

Select an Administrator *

It is important to identify one point of contact as the TracManager Administrator. This person’s responsibility will be to maintain data integrity and make any necessary updates to critical information within TracManager.

A backup or secondary contact may also be identified and trained in the process of modifying and setting up data in the event the initial point of contact is unavailable.

These contacts will be accessing privileged company and employee information. It is important to consider existing roles within the company before assigning administrative access.

Begin the Setup Process *

Now that TracManager has been installed, the policies, procedures, and roles have been established, and an administrator has been selected, the setup process can begin.

The TracManager Setup Wizard is divided into 8 categories which will be individually addressed: CompanyHR/PayrollProduction/JobsMaterialsJob CostingEstimatingIT Configurations and Integration.

** Identify and gather basic information in advance to ensure a smooth and efficient setup session.

A list of useful data may be found here.