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Software Installation


TracManager 2017 Installation Instructions *

If you are updating from release 2014 or earlier, please plan to uninstall the older version after you have installed the new version.

New Installations

Download the installation file. Go to then click on Get Latest Software. You will need to enter your credentials in order to gain access to the download area. Your user name is normally your software serial number. Your password is normally your CID number. This information was provided to you with your software certificate. If you are currently on ASM (Annual Software Maintenance and Support) you may email or call the Tractivity offices to request this information

Download the current release and save the file to your local drive. We recommend saving the file in a public share so that it may be access from any client computer on your network. This will eliminate the need to download the file at each work station.

Double-click on the downloaded file and click through the prompts. In most cases there is no need to make any changes to the default settings.  Allow the installation to complete.

The TracManager 2017 release has similar ICONs with a green color. Three shortcuts will appear on the desktop; TracManager, touchTrac and pcTrac. Remove any shortcuts that you do not want.

Launch TracManager for the first time on a fast work station because the program will run through a database inspection that may take a few minutes.

If your database is a shared Microsoft Access database – it will be necessary to migrate to SQL Express.  A separate SQL Express installation is required and a database copy utility to populate the SQL Express database.


Enjoy your new 2017 release!