TracManager Software Installation and Update Instructions

TracManager Software General Installation Information *

Tractivity TracManager, pcTrac, touchTrac, and various links are all installed or updated within the same installation. The installation file name contains the version level of the TracManager program.

Tractivity software connects to a central database via a Microsoft Access database (which is always named timeport.mdb) or a Microsoft SQL Server database. If connecting to an Access database, the folder containing the database file must be publicly shared with full read/write/modify rights. If using a SQL Server or SQL Express database, the server must be accessible to the client(s). You will need to know the server name (which may include an instance name, such as “Server\SQLExpress”), Tractivity database catalog name, and the user name and password associated with the SQL Server.

How do I install TracManager for this first time? *

If installing the software on multiple computers, it is recommended that the installation file be stored in a shared folder accessible to all client computers.

To install software on any computer, the computer’s logged-in user must have the “rights and permissions” allowing software installation.

Installation files can be found at Run the installation file by double-clicking on the file or by right-clicking and choosing run. Under normal circumstances, choose the default settings as you click through to complete the installation. You will have the option of installing Complete or only pcTrac or only touchTrac. Tractivity recommends installing the Complete option.

Typical messages that may appear on the screen during the installation:

  • Extracting the installation file may take a few minutes
  • Click Next to continue
  • Accept the license agreement, then click Next
  • The content of this screen is not important – click Next
  • To accept the standard installation folder click Next, otherwise click Change and follow prompts
  • To install all programs, click Next, otherwise choose Custom and then choose which program to install.
  • All settings are now ready, click Install
  • Normally a user action control prompt is presented – you must click Allow to continue
  • The software installation progress is displayed – wait for completion

How do I create shortcuts? *

The installation creates shortcuts in the Start Menu for all programs. The shortcuts include:

  • Launch QB2TM (this program is used to send QuickBooks items to TracManager)
  • pcTrac (This is personal timesheet software for individual use and requires a user license)
  • touchTrac (This is the kiosk like timesheet software for public use and requires a station license)
  • TracManager 2014 (This is the management software and requires a user license)

Other shortcuts may be creating from the installation folder. To create additional shortcuts browse to the installation folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Tractivity\TracManager 2014) and locate the desired file. Right-click on the file and choose the type of shortcut desired (send to desktop, pin to taskbar, pin to start menu).

  • TracLinkMAS90.exe (Link for MAS90)
  • TL4MB.exe (link for Master Builder)
  • TracLink4PCX.exe (Link for PayChex)
  • TracTran.exe (Legacy TracTransfer program for mobileTrac devices)

How do I register the product? *

Run and register the TracManager program.

If the product has already been registered on another computer, you can click on the Get From Database button at the top of the form. You will then be prompted to connect to the Tractivity database. See details below. Once successfully, the form will be populated, leaving only the serial number to be filled in manually.

Enter the serial number and click Register. If prompted, choose “Always Allow” the program to access the Internet. Once registered, you will be prompted to enter the user name and password. For new installations, the default password for the Administrator is “newpass”.

How do I connect to the database? *

Choose the type of database your company is using. The following example will utilize an SQL Server Express database. Click Next.

IMPORTANT: You may need to add the “\SQLExpress” instance name after the server name if you are using an instance.

Enter the catalog name for your TracManager database.

Enter the user ID.

Enter the password, click Next.

The standard connection timeout is preset to 30 seconds. Click Next.

A successful connection will prompt you to enter the user login credentials.

How do I update an existing TracManager 2012 or below installation? *

If updating from TracManager 2012 or below, use the “How do I install TracManager for this first time?” instructions above. Installation files can be found at Run the installation file by double-clicking on the file or by right-clicking and choosing run.

How do I update an existing TracManager 2014 or above installation? *

If updating a 2014 installation:

  • From the main menu at the top of the TracManager screen, go to Help tab and click on the <Check for updates> selection.


  • TracManager will then redirect to the Login Screen:


  • The Tractivity credentials, which were provided at the time of purchase, will be needed. If this information cannot be located, it may be requested from
  • Once the Login credentials have been entered, select <OK>.
  • You will now be directed to the ASM Members Only Download Page.

Please note: Your ASM must be current in order to access the Members Only Site.


  • At the bottom of the page, locate the “Download the 2014 Release here:”  and click on the link.

Please reference notes if running 2014.1.90 or earlier version.

  • The download should begin. Once complete, be sure to close all instances of TracManager and then select <Run>.


  • Depending on the Windows OS being used, it may be necessary to locate the file in the Downloads folder in File Explorer.
  • Highlight the file, right-click and select <Run> or double-click on the file.


  • TracManager will display several messages with prompts. Select the appropriate buttons to confirm the update installation.




  • When the installation is completed, select <Finish> to exit the Wizard.


After updating, run TracManager on one computer before running any other Tractivity client software.

  • Open TracManager and Login.

If the database requires an update, you will be prompted and ALL Tractivity software will need to be closed. Allow database process to complete and then resume normal operation for all users.