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W.I.P. to Ship


W.I.P. to Ship *

The WIP (work in process) to Ship module allows the tracking of the physical products as they are moved from stage to stage. This module also supports component and part tracking particularly parts coming off the CNC machine. You can know where every product is in real-time. Products may be moved to new stages using a barcode scanner connected to the TracManager software or an Android device.

Modes of operation *

Using Cabinet Vision *

Labels may be generated using the Cabinet Vision Label-IT program. A special barcode text should be created on the label with the following format:  “*{job}.{room}.{cabinet}.{part}*” which may appear as 1234.1.1.1 meaning job 1234, room 1, cabinet 1 part 1. This label would allow tracking all they way down to the part level. When all of the parts have moved to a stage, the entire cabinet is moved to that stage. To track at the cabinet level only, use  a zero for the Part ID – i.e 1234.1.1.0