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Materials Configuration Setup


What are Material Configurations? *

  • Part Number Strategy
  • Materials Organization

Determine Part Number Strategy *

The Part Number Strategy for each organization will vary depending on several factors. Is TracManager integrating with another software such as Cabinet Vision or QuickBooks? Is there an existing Material List? What is the current Purchasing process?

During the Orientation session, these variables will be discussed to assist in developing a Part Number Strategy.

TracManager requires a unique Part Number to identify each Material item. The system provides the ability to sequentially number items with the next available Part Number in series as well as the ability to enter an Alias to identify the materials when integrating with additional software.

Materials and Inventory Organization

TracManager offers the ability to manage InventoryNon- Inventory and Other Items. create Categories and Classes, as well as a number of additional Custom Fields to better organize Materials for ease of use.

How to Set Up Materials Configuration *

The Materials section of the Set Up Wizard has 6 main components: General, Tracking, Custom Fields, Custom Detail Fields, Purchasing and Kitting. Costing methods, Purchasing preferences and permissions will be set here based upon Company preferences and decisions made during the initial Implementation meeting.

General Settings:

  • From the <Administrate> menu, select <Set Up Wizard> and navigate to the Materials Folder.
  • ( 1 ) Select Cost Method: Automatic Average, Automatic Last Cost or Manual Entry.
  • ( 2 ) When using the automatic reorder feature, do you want to trigger the reorder when the On Hand quantity is below or equal to the threshold quantity, or only below the threshold quantity.
  • ( 3 ) You may choose to charge allocated material immediately when it is available to charge, or deferred until the Date Needed date.
  • ( 4 ) Do you want to allow a negative quantity on hand value? Choose how to handle an attempt to an inventory material item when the hand quantity is zero.
  • (5) When pulling on hand stock where the material may be located in more than one ‘Location’, indicate the preferred location to pull from first. To move a location up or down in preference, select the location and then use the menu button.
  • TracManager allows for tracking of Materials by Lot. If this option is needed, select Track by Lot.
  • Select Lot Cost Method: Use Material Cost or Lot Cost
Custom Fields:
  • Reflects Custom Fields set up in Company>Custom Lists Management>Inventory Fields
  • Add Inventory tracking or details such as “Date In”
Custom Detail Fields: Allows further item detail customization
  • ( 1 ) Set Purchase Order starting number. (If synchronizing with QuickBooks, you may want to begin with a number significantly higher than your existing records in order to distinguish between those generated in Tractivity from QuickBooks)
  • ( 2 ) Select Users to be notified by Reminder of authorization required for pending Purchase Orders.
  • ( 2 ) Set number of calendar days prior to expected delivery when Reminder should be sent to selected users.
  • (  3 ) Select Item description options.
  • ( 4 ) Select P.O. preferences for Authorizing, Account number and whether to update the Vendor (supplier) price with the purchased price. 
  • ( 5 ) Select User Editing restrictions.
  • ( 6 ) Select Business Days of operation.
  • Choose Enable Kitting if materials will be pulled at once for specific Job/Phase.
  • Select Organization method if applicable.

What are Materials Operations? *

  • Creating and managing items
  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Adjusting
  • Reporting

How to Create and Manage Items: *

Manually Set Up New Material: *

  • Go to Materials and Inventory Module>Materials>Materials & Inventory
  • Select 
  • Enter Part Number or click on the Green Square by Part Number field and select Tractivity’s auto-numbering option.

  • Enter Material Description and select Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • If prepared to do so, set up Material Category and Sub-Category for organizing Inventory by selecting green button beside the fields. Enter Category/Sub-Category Names; these will now appear in the drop down lists. ** These may be added at a later time. ** (These will equate to QB Parents if integrated.)

  • Select Item Type as defined above.
  • Save-Close
***** It is strongly encouraged that assistance be requested from the Tractivity Team prior to importing data. *****

Import Materials from Spreadsheet: *

  • From the Administrate menu>Set Up Wizard>Integration>Import Products/Materials
  • On the right hand side, select a link to a blank pre-formatted Excel spreadsheet (4)xxxx and enter information in columns as applicable.
  • Enter Path to Excel Spreadsheet to be imported
  • On the left hand side, select the checkbox for Materials.
  • <Begin Import>

***** It is strongly encouraged that assistance be requested from the Tractivity Team prior to importing data. *****

Import Materials from CV: *

Tractivity has the ability to import your Materials list from Cabinet Vision *

  • From the Administrate menu>Set Up Wizard>Integration>Import Cabinet Vision Materials.
  • Browse to map the Planit >Database path
  • Make appropriate selections making sure to adjust the Auto-Numbering feature if necessary.
  • Select <Import CV Materials>
  •  It may be necessary to select UOM conversions when importing.

  • Materials should now be visible in Materials list.